First Stocking of 2023

First Stocking of 2023

✨🖤Stocking Day🖤✨

When: TODAY (FRIDAY) 01/06/2023 @ 9:oopm EST
Where: Retail Collection
Valentine's Scents + What's left of retail
TAT: Shipped in 7-10 Business Days

Get your hands on these scents just in time for Valentine's Day! For you, your friends, your partner... for you 😉

Don't forget to use code TAKE5 at checkout for 5% off your total purchase!


CHOCO RASPBERRY: Chocolate, Vanilla, + Raspberry
HONEY LAVENDER: French Lavender, Honey, + Tonka
KISSES: Cherry, Vanilla, + Muscadine
LEMON COOKIE BAR: Lemon, Butter, + Almond
LOVE SPELL: Peach, Jasmine, + Musk
NOVEL: Peach, Citrus, + Leather
STRAWBERRY ROYALE: Strawberry, Butter Cake, + Cream Cheese
TEMPTATION: Apricot, Lily, + Citrus
I know most of the Signature and Black Labels are sold out. Those will be restocked next Friday. I've been waiting on my new labels.
Orders placed over the weekend will be combined with any retail purchases made during the end of year clear out.
Be sure to get on the Forever Tag List if you want me to tag you on all restocks and drops HERE
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