Terms & Conditions

✨🌙2024 Terms & Conditions🌙✨

✨🌙[ For Wax Melts & Candles ]🌙

✨ All Fleur & Luna products are hand-made in small batches. Waxes will vary depending on product. For melts, I use a proprietary blend of paraffin and soy wax. Due to the nature of soy, some frosting can be expected and should be considered naturally beautiful rather than an imperfection.

✨ Colors used for both wax melts and candles are ethically sourced pigments and sparkles are earth friendly. Wicks for candles may be 100% cotton and are clean burning and biodegradable OR are wooden wick/crackling wooden wick and are both sustainably sourced and biodegradable.

✨ Please note that in the form of wax melts, I use varying molds. Shapes can be tiny to huge and can encompass a wide variety of themes. Popular themed shapes are goth (coffins, teeth, headstones, etc), bakery (macarons, cake slices, fruits, etc), and standard (tablets, snaps, moonflowers, et al.). Should you have any questions about specific shapes and colors, please reach out to me before purchasing. Expect anything.

✨ Please also note that I use a wide variety of coloring. This includes but is not limited to: neons, pastels, no color, layering, blending, and more. In most cases, the color you get from retail will be random.

🚩 For shapes that may be NSFW, they will be noted as NSFW with a description of the shape (nude bodies, body parts, etc.).

✨🌙[ For Bath, Body, & Home products ]🌙

✨ All Fleur & Luna bath, body, & home products are hand-made in small batches. Bases will vary depending on product. I take pride in being able to source and offer the highest quality ingredients. Most are vegan and cruelty free. Please refer to individual listings for ingredient lists.
✨ Home products can include but are not limited to car freshies, room sprays, linen sprays, etc.
✨ Bath & body products can include but are not limited to lip balm, lotion, bubble bath, bath bombs, bubble scoops, shampoo, conditioner, hand soaps, etc.
🚩 For those with allergies such as dairy, soy, gluten, etc. please carefully check ingredient lists on product listings. If you have any doubt, reach out.

✨🌙[ For Customs ]🌙

✨ I offer custom wax melts on a monthly basis in the VIP. If you have someone or something special coming up, definitely reach out. Between my vast resources for fragrances, molds, colors, and sparkles, I can make your dreams come true and give life to a truly memorable gift for you or loved ones! I can even make you a custom label using photos you provide!

✨ If you want custom bath and body products, you will need to see the monthly posted custom order thread in the VIP. Availability will vary month to month.

✨ Customs require payment in full prior to pouring. Additionally, customs are not eligible for refunds, returns, exchanges, or cancellation. If you receive the incorrect fragrance, please email me so we can find a solution!

✨🌙[ Shipping ]🌙✨

Combining orders is a courtesy I extend that a majority of shops big and small do not offer. It is at my sole discretion if, how, and which orders to combine.

Shipping overage refunds are also a courtesy I extend that a majority of shops big and small do not offer. It is at my sole discretion if and how much I refund. I pay fees for every single transaction. When refunding I have to keep the fees in mind and it can get more complicated than I am willing to spend time on.
My general courtesy is:
~Any overage paid by the customer below $5.oo USD will not be refunded but offset by wax in the form of any shapes and sizes I feel adequately equal the difference.
~Any overage paid by the customer above $5.oo USD may be refunded less potential transaction fees and taxes OR offset by wax in the form of any shapes and sizes I feel adequately equal the difference.

✨ My main postal carrier of choice is USPS. If you would like to use another carrier, you may email me or leave a note that you would prefer another carrier. I will then invoice you for the desired carriers shipping rates plus a small fee for me to deliver it to your chosen carriers drop location.

✨ Shipping from October to March will be picked up or hand delivered to the post office Monday to Saturday. From April to September shipping days will be Monday to Wednesday due to typically higher temperatures in my region. This is to avoid melting as much as possible during transit.

✨ There may be occasional leaks, sweating, or melting that occur during transit due to temperatures or improper handling. If you receive your wax melts and they're soft, sweaty, or melty, pop them in the freezer or refrigerator for 15-20 minutes to harden them up. In the case of a liquid product leaking during transit, you can email me and I can start a claim with USPS so long as Priority or Ground Advantage were selected.

✨🌙[ Hold Harmless ]🌙✨

✨ You agree that by purchasing products with known and unknown allergens as well as candles that hold flame, you, the customer, shall defend and hold harmless Fleur and Luna, Inc., all owners, operators, board members, and employees harmless from and against all claims, demands and judgment (including attorney fees), made or recovered against them including, but not limited to damages to real or tangible personal property or for bodily injury or death to any person, arising out of, or in any manner connected with the purchase of any and all products, to the extent that any such damage, injury or death is caused by, or sustained in connection with the use of, purchased products. The customer shall promptly notify Fleur and Luna, Inc. in a reasonable manner to facilitate the defense of any such claim.

✨🌙[ Refunds, Returns, & Exchanges ]🌙✨

✨ I do not accept refund, return, & exchange requests because you do not like a smell, shape, or color of your wax melts or products. If you wish to get something specific, consider ordering a custom.

✨ I also do not accept refund, return, & exchange requests if you order products that contain an allergen. You are responsible for verifying the ingredients on the product listing.

✨ If you receive something you don't like, I host a monthly BST thread in the VIP and there are many people who would love to give your products a home!

✨ Customs require payment in full prior to pouring. Additionally, customs are not eligible for refunds, returns, and exchanges.

✨ If you receive the wrong products or are missing items, please reach out to me with your order number and details so I can help find a solution!

✨🌙[ Cancellations ]🌙✨

  ✨ Cancelling all or part of your retail order is a courtesy I extend only if your order has not yet been pulled and packed. Once your order has been pulled and packed regardless of shipping label status, it is at my sole discretion if I allow you to cancel all or part of your retail order. 

✨ Customs require payment in full prior to pouring. Additionally, customs are not eligible for cancellation.

✨🌙[Fleur and Luna, Inc. Copyright Disclaimer]🌙✨

This Copyright Disclaimer (“Disclaimer”) sets forth the rights, limitations, and obligations concerning the use of copyrighted materials owned by Fleur and Luna, Inc. (“Owner”). By accessing or using any materials, content, or intellectual property owned by the Owner, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer.

  Copyright Ownership: All materials, content, and intellectual property, including but not limited to text, images, graphics, logos, audio, video, software, and this Terms and Conditions document made available on Fleur and Luna, Inc.’s website, publications, or other platforms, are protected by copyright laws and owned by the Owner unless otherwise stated.

By accessing or using any copyrighted materials owned by Fleur and Luna, Inc., you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms of this Copyright Disclaimer. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please refrain from accessing or using the copyrighted materials.

For any inquiries regarding this Copyright Disclaimer, please contact Fleur and Luna, Inc. at hello@fleurandluna.com.

✨🌙[ Contact ]🌙✨

✨ You may contact me about anything Fleur & Luna at hello@fleurandluna.com. If it is regarding a specific order, please include your order number so I can help you as quickly as possible! Please note that emailing me will get you the fastest response.

No DMs to my personal social media accounts. I will not respond. If you need to DM me, please message the business page on Facebook or Instagram.

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