Fleur & Luna: A New Era

Fleur & Luna: A New Era

This new identity has been looming for quite some time now. It was inevitable from day one, I just needed to get through my first three years to see it. Read on to see what's changing, why, and what is on the horizon! It's actually pretty exciting!


I started this business as Emerald City Wax Company. Well, aside from being wordy and limiting in the products offered, it just doesn't fit anymore. The name doesn't even fully fit on my business debit card. Emerald City Wax Co started because I was living in my home state of Washington and the Emerald City was a reference to a local term for Seattle. The wax part was because I started off selling only wax melts.

But then my business grew. So I added lip balm. It grew some more so I added lotions and room sprays. Then bubble scoops and bath powders. Then I moved across the country 2,805 miles away from the Emerald City. And I added more products. When locals in Virginia ask what Emerald City is I explain it's a place in Washington... and then I have to tell them "No, not DC, the state." The name doesn't work with so much change not only in products and location but also in my own personal life experiences over the last three years. I lost a dear friend suddenly and unexpectedly one year ago. I got married 9 months ago. I lost a pregnancy I'd wanted three months ago and had some medical complications because of it. And I'm finally seeing the light.

Those who have been with me since 2020 have seen my logo change at least 6 times. I loved the name and was clinging to a piece of my home and trying so hard to make it work when it didn't.


It's time to let that go and prepare for this new era -Time to get back to the headspace that motivated me to start my business in the first place.


Emerald City Wax Company is changing its name to Fleur & Luna and getting a whole new look! It will still be me in my wax lab hand-pouring and making everything you love. Everything like label designs, printing, emails, packing, shipping, curating, running socials, et al. will still be the Noelle you love! Over the last three years, ECWC has grown and evolved and I've learned so much about running a business in the process. It's time to let the brand breathe and evolve too.

Fleur and Luna IS wholesome artisan passion.

The old logo was bright but only made up of text. I never had a true logo symbol and it was something I'd always wanted but was never able to settle on. The new logo is a crescent moon with a flower stem and stars. I wanted this logo and new name to be an extension of myself but also apply to what is offered and not be limiting.

Fleur means flower. Everything offered is fragrant and fragrance related --like a flower. That's the part of the name for the business. Luna means moon. I'm an astrophile and selenophile --I've felt something so calming but so vast since I was a child when I look at the night sky and the feeling is made of words I don't even think exist. This is the part of me I've put into the new name and logo --and the four stars are for my four amazing babies that guide me in everything I do and make me strive to be the best human being I can be. 

I wanted to tone down the main colors from the bright and in your face colors to a more calming and relaxed set of neutrals while still incorporating pops of the old colors. The last thing I need for any drop is to navigate through tons of bright colors on a web page. I need to be able to see what I'm buying. The focus is the bright product and the old site palette was detracting from the beautiful bars. The new neutrals are going to make the bright bars pop even more than before by making their colors the stars. I also have shifted slightly in tone from small shop to more of a boutique vibe and this new look and feel is calming in the most exciting way.

My photography style no longer matches my old aesthetic. My skills in this arena have developed and changed so much that the photos feel like a completely different company from the old bright colors and look I started out with.

Labels, packaging, and products are also changing --for the better! I started ECWC in an effort to be earth conscious and somewhere along the way and not having access to the right suppliers, I got lost in the work sauce. I overbooked myself and wasn't thinking about the environment anymore, just getting the next showcase or wholesale order out the door. My resolution for 2023 was to slow it down and pay attention to what I offer and how I offer it. My inner environmental activist finally woke up from her 2 year nap.

How these environmentally, human, animal, and eco-friendly changes are going to look

Going forward, labels will be less cluttered on the front and include ALL important information on the back. This is to draw your eye on the scents, type of product, and weight being offered from a display aspect while providing you the necessary and important information like ingredients and safety instructions on the packaging without taking away from the main label art.

Packaging will be aimed towards recycled, recyclable, and reusable whenever possible. Where it's not possible, plastic will be used in as sparing an amount as possible. I will be offering products in reusable vessels and offer refill pouches that are recyclable or also reusable.

Products --what I'm most excited about-- are making leaps towards my original 2020 business goal. My motto for this new era is "less is more." Less ingredients --and more you can pronounce. My goal is to keep my ingredient lists as clean as possible and, when appropriate, as short as possible. Body products will feature more nourishing and luxurious ingredients while products like room sprays will be upgraded to greener bases.

Products will also be expanding to include some amazing pet items like puppy shampoo, paw balm, fresh coat spray, and more. Candles and custom decorated wax cutters are also officially being added to the lineup!

In addition to all these sweet product upgrades, I now have access to not only phthalate-free supplies, but also vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free, carcinogen free, and allergen free supplies! 


I have simply changed the tags and usernames of the old ECWC accounts to:

FaceBook: facebook.com/FleurandLunaInc
FaceBook VIP: facebook.com/groups/fleurandluna
FaceBook Wholesale:  facebook.com/groups/fleurandlunawholesale
Insta: @fleurandlunainc
Twitter: @fleurandluna
TikTok: @fleurandlunainc
Email: hello@fleurandluna.com
Hashtag: #fleurandluna
Website: fleurandluna.com (I have domain forwarding setup so for the next month while adjusting to the new name you'll be able to use the old web address)


Let's end this post with some of the most positive and magical vibes as possible. We're going to talk about the growth of this business over the last three years. This is the part where I put the spotlight on all of you. My amazing support, customers, friends, family, fellow shop owners, et al. All of you have made the last three years so wonderful and amazing! From purchasing, sharing my posts, and simply engaging in the VIP and on social media. Every single thing helps and has helped grow this business.

I started pouring wax melts in my kitchen in Washington over three years ago. A "big batch" for my first few months was about 6-8oz in a small pyrex glass measuring cup. Fast forward about 6 months and I graduated to a 16oz pitcher. By year two I was using a 4 lb melting pitcher. And today I'm using a 55 lb wax pot.

The VIP has grown to an amazing community of 1.3k members! In my first year alone, I only had about 200 members. Most of you joined because of word of mouth from other amazing people and it's overwhelming in the best possible way!

My product photo skills have increased to a degree even I can acknowledge I'm actually pretty good at. Check out this glow up:

I cannot express how grateful I am to still be here after three years; working on year four. You've all lifted this business up through a pandemic and now through a pretty rough economy. I will never be able to thank you enough!

Cheers to a new era! Cheers to Fleur & Luna!


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