How To: Change Your Wax

How To: Change Your Wax


"How do you even change your wax without making a mess?!"

While there are many ways you can change your wax out, there are some that are less messy.

Method One:

The Hot Pour Method. This method is the most obvious but my least favorite because of the mess factor (or huge potential for). You can simply pick up the dish and dump directly into the trash. Reasons I don't use this method myself is because there is too much room for error. You have to risk burning your fingers, ouch, then if it's too hot the reaction is to drop or throw the dish which will then spill wax everywhere or shatter or both. There's distance to walk which means risk of spills on anything from carpet to hard floor, to area rugs. No thanks. And what if your warmer has a dish that's fixed? Then you have to pick up the whole thing and likely will have wax dripping down the side of the warmer.

Method One Takeway:

You can, but I don't prefer it, personally unless I have no other options.

Method Two:

The freezer method. Ideal for anyone who has a removable and relatively cleaned out and non stained dish. You can remove your cooled wax dish from the warmer and pop it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. The freezing temp will cause the wax molecules to shrink. With that shrinkage, you'll be able to remove the wax pool as a hardened piece from the dish once it's cooled to the perfect temp. This is the least messy and low maintenance option. Be advised your dish and wax should be cold before using this method. If your dish is hot and you expose it to extreme cold, you risk shattering the dish (and heating up your ice cream) and we don't want that. Your dish will also need to be as clean as possible or the wax might stick to any of the orange/brown burned residue which will make the process pointless. To see how to clean a seriously dirty warmer dish, stay tuned!

Method Two Takeaway:

This is the least messy and low maintenance option.

Method Three:

This is my goto method for many reasons. My dishes are usually dirty --No shame in the game. I also live in the woods and use this method to provide fire-starters for my bonfires and wood burning fireplace. With this method you'll need cotton balls and a heated wax pool. For one cube of wax from a standard clamshell or one snap from a snap bar, I use one to two jumbo cotton balls.

Allow the cotton balls to sit for a minute and absorb the wax pool. You can either throw these cotton balls directly into the trash, OR, use your packaging from the new wax as a dish for the used cotton balls.

If any shimmer is left over use an additional cotton ball to wipe clean.

Place your new wax melts in the dish and enjoy. To see all the different ways you can use your waxy cotton balls, stay tuned!

Method Three Takeaway:

My favorite method because it's less messy with the benefits of reusing all materials involved thus extending the life of your wax. 

Have any cool tips or tricks to changing out your wax? Leave a comment!

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