Black Fri-YAY

Black Fri-YAY

Who’s ready for Black Fri-YAY?!

This is the deal on... the deals...

The sale will be on 11/27 @ 9am PST. For the Stocking Pass Raffle winner, the sale will start on 11/27 @ 8am PST, so go enter!

HOW do you get early stress-free access to the Black Fri-YAY sale?! You need to join the Emerald City Wax Co VIP Room and enter the raffle! See the pinned raffle post for full instructions.

But, like... What will be stocked?!

There’s going to be so much wax, obviously. But there’s tons of new scents like Sugar Cookie (perfect for Christmas Eve?!), Gingerbread, some house blend dupes, Bonfire, Yoga Pants, and so many more! A few favs have also received a revamp. Lavender Fizz now has USDA Organic lavender petals as a beautiful and added scent topper. I’m so stinking excited to finally share these with everyone!!!

lavender sage scented wax melt purple lavender soy emerald city wax co black friday cyber monday



This is what I’m most excited about though: Build Your Own Bath Bundles! I’ve teamed up with two amazing women to offer a VERY limited number of collab bundles!

✨ This bundle has a reusable and eco friendly sandwich size wet bag with zipper from Knot Impossible Creations (Owner Kellie Russell). 
✨ It's also got a super soft and washable hand-crocheted bath & shower scrubbie from Charmed by Teagan
(Owner Jennifer McQueen).
✨ From Emerald City Wax Co, you get a 3.5oz Bubble Dust & a 1oz Tangled in your choice of scents.
emerald city wax co charmed by teagan knot impossible creations collaboration project black friday cyber monday limited build your own bath bundle bubble dust tangled scrubbie bag
In addition to wax and BYOBath Bundles, I will have some new and favorite scented Bubble Dust. This is my own recipe! It's a fizzy bath dust that has added ingredients to make it a bubble bath experience as well! There are a bunch of oils added for moisturizing properties so you feel soft and sparkly clean when you hop out! These are FANTASTIC stocking stuffers! Due to high demand, I have decided to offer Bubble Dust in larger sizes and they will be part of the Black Fri-YAY retail stocking! 
candy floss cotton pink blue loops fruit gummy bears bubble dust emerald city wax co black friday cyber monday
Definitely check out the Oopsie Bags listing this stocking! There's so much! Not sure what an Oopsie Bag is? They are bargain bags. They would never pass visual quality standards, BUT they still smell amazing! They are remnants, messy pours, and leftovers from experiments gone RIGHT in the ECWC Wax Lab! Shapes are anything from shallow clamshell cavities to shavings. I offer discounts on them and usually they are based on weight.
Did you get a Holiday Advent Calendar?! Be sure to join the Emerald City Wax Co VIP Room to participate in the daily scent guess and countdown starting on December 1st! There's a super sweet prize involved and you won't want to miss it!
For those that missed out on the Advent calendar, I'm offering Holiday Mystery Bundles! These are made up of the extra bitty tarts from the advents. This way you can still have some of the scents we will all be melting and can enjoy the mystery scents! 
advent calendar holiday christmas soy scented melts candles emerald city wax company black friday cyber monday
Are you still shopping for stocking stuffers?! Me too! I'll also have a bunch of Tangled --hair detangler! I'm offering this in new scents like Pineapple, Rosemary & Grapefruit, and a couple more kid-friendly scents. By popular demand, I'm now offering this in both travel size which are 1oz as well as 4oz bottles.
There will be a few Refresh sprays available as well. These are odor neutralizing and work as both room AND linen refreshers! To refresh a room, mist into the air (be careful not to inhale). To refresh your linens, hold bottle at least 12 inches away from cloth item and spray sparingly. Scent will last on linens for 24 hours or more!
You have to check in on sale day because I will have some really fun bonus items listed! 

Seriously. Mark your calendars and set your alarms. 

11/27 @ 9AM PST

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